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Services We Offer

We provide a comprehensive range of services that will suit any landlord you refer to us.


Our Full-Management service is our most popular service. This includes ensuring the property is compliant in line with the 125+ pieces of legislation governing the private rented sector. We maximise rental incomes, even when the property is empty! Find out more by clicking here.

Short-Term Accommodation

This is a popular service for homeowners and landlords who want to retain control over their properties. A highly lucrative service where landlords can generate over £1'000 per month for a double bedroom in their home. Find out more by clicking here.

No Fee Sales

For homeowners looking to sell, we offer a No Fee Sales strategy where the seller pays no fees! What's more is were provide a superfast service with sales completing within guaranteed contract exchange 28 days! The whole sales process takes just 56 days, including marketing, viewings, taking offers, etc. Find out more by clicking here.

About Us

Harry Albert Lettings & Estates are letting agents in Leicester specialising in maximising revenues generated from property. We select only the best tenants using stringent in-house referencing and background checking processes. Before we approve a tenant application, we will use an outside, specialist referencing agency to double-check our preferred tenant to ensure our landlord's are fully protected.

  • Harry Albert Lettings & Estates Old Logo

    27th October 2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We incorporated on the 27th October 2017 but our journey started a long time before this. Rigorous planning went into the launch of Harry Albert Lettings & Estates to ensure everything was as brilliant as it could be when we launched.

    We quickly learned, there would never be 'the right time' to launch and more and more, established agents were being busted by the authorities for breaking housing law, being fined or otherwise convicted. It was now or never. We changed our plans, the launch date was set for 1st January 2018. The logo to the right was our very first logo, designed by the director of the company, Andrew Hill, in haste of the fast approaching rescheduled launch date.

  • 1st January 2018

    Launch Date

    We launched on 1st January 2018, as planned (not initially, mind you). We hit the ground running and invested our time into nurturing relationships, providing top class advice and promoting good practices.

    Shortly after launch, we became very aware of our branding and decided it was time for a makeover. It's best to do it now and this involved an updated logo and major changes to our website.

    Our first customer instructed us to find a tenant for them. At the time, our costs were really high and this was reflected in our fees landlords and tenants paid. We had joined Zoopla and paid for a lot of advertising.

    Shortly after this, Zoopla tried to overcharge us and breached our contract in numerous areas so we decided not to continue our relationship with Zoopla.

  • Lady Landlord finding great tenants with Leicester letting agency Harry Albert Letting & Estates

    February 2018

    Ditching the Portals

    We soon decided that we were able to generate far more leads than we were able to from the portals by actively looking for customers ourselves. Networking with potential landlord and tenant clients proved more fruitful than any advertising we had engaged in so far. Once we were instructed to look for new tenants, we regularly found that we were able to find more, better quality tenant leads by going out and looking for them rather than sitting back and waiting for the potential tenants to come to us like our competitors do. After all, you pay us to find tenants, not wait for them to find us.

    As a result of this, we decided to not to join any other major portals for the time being.

  • Leicester landlord landlady in need of Leicester Letting Agent Harry Albert Lettings & Estates

    6st April 2018

    Recognised for Innovation

    We have been recognised in the media on numerous occasions. The first time was on the 6th April 2018 shortly after we'd launched our latest, Advertise Only service. At the time, we were joining OnTheMarket, a rapidly growing property portal, to enable landlords to list their properties and position them in front of thousands more potential tenants.

    We found for a second time that we were pulling in more, better quality leads than we were able to find from OnTheMarket so we exited our agreement with them and decided to stick to the original plan of not joining any major portals for the time being. We just don't need the portals to do our job, it was found; though we can understand why they're the lifeblood of lazy letting agents.

  • Leicester estate agent protecting landlord's best interests. Happy Landlord, Happy Tenant with Harry Albert Lettings & Estates

    10th July 2018

    Recognised for Protecting Landlord Interests

    We were recognised for our efforts to protect our landlord's interests. The Government released a 'How to Rent' guide, which is part of the prescribed information landlords and property managers have to provide by law to their tenants when they move in to a rented property.

    It is common for the government to release new guides, each new publication makes the previous versions no longer valid. The government released 'How to Rent Safely', a guide which is identical in terms of graphics on the front cover (with different colours) but not part of the prescribed information (currently. We expect this to change in the near future though).

    Two weeks after publishing the 'How to Rent' guide, they released a new one but this time, they didn't tell anybody. It was ourselves who sounded the alarm and informed landlords up and down the country, the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) and National Landlords Association (NLA) hadn't even picked up on it! We were recognised for our vigilance and recommended by The Negotiator, an industry magazine for letting and estate agents.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

    18th July 2018

    Referral Scheme Launched

    We don't get very far without new customers. Which is why today is the official launch of our landlord referral scheme, Refer-a-Landlord, where you'll earn £50 per landlord who instructs us to manage their property or selects one of our above services.

    Over time, we plan to develop the referral scheme into a members club, where members will be rewarded even further for their efforts to help us grow.

How it Works

It's really easy to refer a landlord to us! All you need to do is get them to contact us and tell us your name and contact details. Alternatively, you can give us their details and your contact details and we will make contact on your behalf.

Know any landlords with properties to let?

Why not introduce them to us? You’ll not only be doing them a solid favour, showing them all the great benefits of instructing Harry Albert Lettings & Estates. You’ll also receive £50 as a token of our appreciation.

That’s £50 every time a landlord signs up with us.

So what do our landlords get?

  • Minimum voids or loss of income.
  • Maximised income even during void periods.
  • No more hours lost dealing with viewings and lettings.
  • No more headaches. All legal and administrative work handled by our property experts.
  • No more unexpected telephone calls from tenants.
  • A team of qualified professionals on hand to deal with any maintenance issues.

In fact, all of our landlords simply enjoy a generous monthly rental income without any of the headaches associated with renting out a property.


We’ve set out below the terms and conditions for our Refer-a-Landlord scheme.

1. One person can refer multiple people and receive multiple pyouts if they are placed according to the terms below.

2. Your recommendation must be mentioned by the candidate before or at registration - where we are told a person was referred or referrals are made at a later stage may not qualify.

3. This offer is only valid for landlords referred to Harry Albert Lettings & Estates for the services detailed on this page.

4. The Refer-a-Landlord scheme can be terminated at any moment. Prior notice will not be given.

5. Referred landlords must have completed a qualifying period of at least 8 weeks of being our customer before a payout is made.

6. We can only accept referrals for people who are over 18 years and own property in the UK.

7. You can't recommend yourself! Otherwise, there is no limit to how many people you refer to us provided they own their property or have authority from the owner to let or sell the property.

8. We can provide cash in most circumstances. However, if cash is not appropriate, for example, if you do not have a British bank account to deposit funds into, we will arrange an alternative payment method, likely in the form of Amazon vouchers equivalent to the value of £50. The equivalent value refers the amount we are willing to spend on vouchers.

9. This Refer-a-landlord promotion will not qualify if Harry Albert Lettings & Estates, Leicester Property Insight or Landlord Gold has been in contact with the referred candidate at any time in the last 12 months prior to the referral being made.

10. In the event of any disputed rewards, our decision will be final.

11. At the moment, we can only pay out for referrals for landlords with properties in Leicester.

11. We cannot pay referral fees for landlords who use our Advertise Only service.


To refer a landlord to us, you can either have them contact us directly on 0116 321 4970 or email us at and provide us your contact details so we can be in touch with you to arrange payment, alternatively, you can use the form below; just type in the landlords contact details and where their property is located and we will get in touch with them and then yourself if they sign up to our services.