Landlords and Tenants with Disability

Meeting the needs of tenants who suffer from disability can be challenging for landlords and for those suffering from a disability, being a landlord comes with its own set of challenges to the point many people may feel they're unable to keep up with the obligations of being a landlord.

This is why we've decided to launch a service designed specifically for home owners who suffer from a disability to enable them to become landlords where they may otherwise have been prevented from doing so. Whether you suffer from mobility problems, loss of sight or hearing or suffer from mental health issues, we're here to do our best to help you to become a landlord.

We can provide a fully managed service or a part managed service that will be suitable for your needs allowing you to have as much or as little involvement as you are comfortable with.

We will make sure the information provided to you is clear and easy to understand. We can have our literature and agreements printed in large font, in high contrast or in braille formats. We will also be more than happy to read anything to you.

In 2014, over 300 thousand disabled people were stuck on housing waiting lists for adapted accommodation. The numbers of people who own adapted accommodation or a second adapted home are unclear, but whether you have a second home or have room in your already adapted property, we want you to get in touch. We want to try to overcome the barriers faced by people with disability and allow more people to find suitable homes whilst enabling more people to become landlords where they may have otherwise been held back.

You can call us on 0116 321 4970.
Alternatively, you can email us at

We are currently in the process of implementing these services and would welcome any feedback that you feel may make our service better. Whilst we are able to offer these services today, we expect to bring the service fully to market in Summer 2018.

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